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Q: Is the Xavier university that is playing in the NCAA basketball tournament located in Louisiana or Cincinnati?
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What year did the women's tournament begin?

The first women's Division I basketball tournament was in 1982. Louisiana Tech defeated Cheyney State in the finals to win the first championship.

Where is Xavier University of Louisiana located?

Cincinnati, Ohio. And FYI, it's Xavier University, not University of Xavier.

Which team won the first womens March Madness tournament?

The first NCAA Division I women's basketball tournament was played in 1982. In the championship game, Louisiana Techdefeated Cheyney State 76-62.

Who are the top career scoring leaders in Louisiana state university men's basketball?

Pistol Pete Maverick

What women's college basketball team has the most wins?

Louisiana tech university

When was Louisiana Mr. Basketball created?

Louisiana Mr. Basketball was created in 1996.

How many college basketball games did Louisiana State University have in the regular season of 2007?

They played 31 regular season games that year82

When was Louisiana State University created?

Louisiana State University was created in 1860.

When was Louisiana Tech University created?

Louisiana Tech University was created in 1894.

When was Louisiana Baptist University created?

Louisiana Baptist University was created in 1973.

When was University of Louisiana at Monroe created?

University of Louisiana at Monroe was created in 1931.

When was University of Louisiana at Lafayette created?

University of Louisiana at Lafayette was created in 1898.