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The first NCAA Division I women's Basketball tournament was played in 1982. In the championship game, Louisiana Techdefeated Cheyney State 76-62.

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Q: Which team won the first womens March Madness tournament?
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Who won the first March Madness tournament?


The first-ever March Madness tournament ended in this day in 1939 The tourney is for what college sport?


Who was the first team to win the March Madness basketball tournament?

1939 Oregon defeated Ohio St

When was the first Women's NCAA basketball tournament?

the first womens basketball tournament was in 1905

When does NCAA basketball season end?

The NCAA Basketball season ends when the end of the year March Madness tournament is over. This tournament usually ends around the first week in April.

Who won the first NCAA March Madness?

In 1939, many decades before the term "March Madness" was used, the NCAA men's basketball tournament was won by Oregon. Through 2013, Oregon has yet to win another title.

Who won the first womens ncaa basketball tournament?


What is the last day for march madness?

Ironically, "March Madness" (as the NCAA men's basketball tournament has come to be known) is designed such that the Championship Game is always played on the first Monday in April. (I guess the madness is considered to have quieted itself by the time only two teams remain.)

How long does the NCAA basketball tournament last?

The NCAA basketball tournament, commonly referred to as "March Madness," started on March 17 this year and will end on April 8. The NCAA basketball tournament typically goes from about the second week of March until the first week of April. The exact dates vary from year to year.

Who won the first March Madness?

The first march madness has held in 1939 which is won by the Oregon Ducks men's basketball team.

What was the first year of March Madness?


What are three major basketball tournaments?

The first and most well known major basketball tournament is the NBA Playoffs. In college, it is a 64 team tournament known as March Madness. There is also a tournament every four years in the Olympic Games. There is also the NIT tournament in college, and FIBA Tournament in international play.

When will the first March Madness game be played in 2008?

The first game will be played Thursday, March 20th.

Who possessed the first copyright of March Madness?

Matthew Wyatt

What is the purpose of the first round in March Madness?

Your mom is the purpose.

Where will the first March Madness game be played in 2009?

Dayton OH

Has a 1 seed ever lost to 16 seed in March Madness?

Nope, In the history of March madness a one see has never lost in the first round.

When is March Madness?

March Madness generally begins during the middle of March and is over during the first week of April. For specific years, please see the Related Questions below.

Who originally coined the phrase March Madness in regards to the NCAA basketball tournament?

March Madness is a popular term for season-ending basketball tournaments played in March (Brent Musburger is generally regarded as the individual who first used that phrase in conjunction with the college tournament, using it during CBS Sports' coverage of the tourney back in 1982 - see below), especially those conducted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and various state high school associations. The phrase was not associated with the college tournament in 1939, when an Illinois official wrote "A little March Madness [may] contribute to sanity." March Madness is also a registered trademark, held jointly by the NCAA and the Illinois High School Association. The trademark has sparked a pair of high-profile courtroom battles in recent years.

When did March Madness first start?

March Madness, which refers to a basketball fever phenomenon, originated in Illinois in the late 1930's. The expression first appeared in the Illinois Interscholastic, the IHSA's magazine, in 1939.

What was the date of The Masters Tournament in 1934?

In 1934, the first ever Masters Tournament began on March 22nd and ended on March 25th. It was won by Horton Smith.

When does the NCAA tournament for 2011 begin?

The 2011 NCAA Tournament began March 16th in Dayton, Ohio with the first four games.

How many times has the University of Illinois been in the NCAA March Madness tournament and how many times have they won?

The University of Illinois has been the the tournament 25 times - the first being in 1942 and the last of course this year. So far they have not won the Championship...four times they have gone to the Final Four (1949, 1951, 1952, and 1989) and their tournament record is 29 wins and 24 losses.

How many games in March Madness?

After the First Four play-in games, 63 games are played total.

What was the score of the liberty university and university of North Carolina basketball game when university of North Carolina was a 1 seed and liberty university was a 16 seed in NCAA march madness?

71-51 North Carolina in the first round of the 1994 NCAA tournament.