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It will probably be OK, but if you are a serious Field Hockey player, you would not use an indoor stick on the turf nor use your turf stick indoors.

It is not OK to use an indoor stick outside. When you want to shoot the ball you might break your stick because it is too thin.

It is ok cuz there isn't much difference between them.

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There is not much difference in the design of Indoor and Outdoor Hockey sticks, The indoor hockey stick tend to be thinner, generally made of wood and more lightweight as the field of play is smaller and in less need of restriction on playing the ball with the stick, the outdoor hockey sticks tends to be thicker and more ridged to create more resistence thus propelling the ball further.

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It is permitted to use an outdoor hockey stick for training purposes only. If players or a team is playing in an indoor tournament outdoor sticks are usually not allowed unless the tournament allows the use of them. most national tournaments would not allow the use of outdoor sticks but some local tournament organisers may allow the use of outdoor hockey sticks but this is very rare.

It is advised that players who play indoor hockey regularly play with an indoor hockey stick.

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Indoor and Outdoor Field Hockey Sticks differ in thickness, so no it wouldn't be a good idea due to it being thinner than an outdoor stick. Would be better to use an outdoor stick!

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Q: Is it OK to use an indoor field hockey stick on a regular outdoor field?
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