Is Percy miller Jr dead

Updated: 10/21/2022
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No he is living and currently 20 years of age get a life!

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Q: Is Percy miller Jr dead
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What is lil Romeos real name?

Percy Romeo Miller, Jr.

Who is Percy Romeo Miller Jr father?

Percy Romeo Miller's mother is Sonya C. Miller.

What is Percy miller Jr contact number?


How old is Percy miller jr?

Percy Romeo Miller was born,on August 19,1989.He is currently 20 years of age.

Is Master P the father of Lil' Romeo?

Yes. Master P is Percy Robert Miller. Lil' Romeo (now Romeo Miller) is Percy Romeo Miller, his son (sometimes listed as Percy Miller Jr.) .

Lil Romeo real name?

Percy Romeo Miller, Jr.

How old is Romeo Miller?

Romeo Miller is 27 years old (born Percy Miller Jr., August 19, 1989).

What is Lil' Romeo's last name?

Lil' Romeo's full name is Percy Romeo Miller Jr.

What are the names of Percy miller's siblings?

Percy Romeo Miller family list of these names are the following Brothers:Vercy Miller,Hercy Miller,and Mercy Miller /Sisters:Intylyana Miller,Tytyana Miller,and Itali Miller. His father is Percy Robert Miller (aka) Master P and his mother is Sonya C. Miller.

What are master p children names?

Cymphonique-13 Romeo 19 Veno 19 is that names and ages of master p's kidz

Is Percy miller a billionare?

661 Million.

How many children does Master P have?

The rapper, record company CEO ("No Limit" label, among others), actor, Basketball player, producer, writer and director known as "Master P" currently has 9 children: Percy "Romeo" Miller, Jr. (rapper Lil' Romeo), Vercy Miller (rapper Young V), Intylyana Miller, Tytyana Miller, Itali Miller, Hercy Miller, Mercy Miller, Veno Miller and Cymphonique Miller.