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50 years old is too old to play in the NBA. However, The free throw line is too far for a man to dunk the ball from, 69 points is too many points for a man to score in one game, and 6 championships is too many to win in the span of 8 years. So, Michael Jordan thrives on doing the impossible. He's said he has found a flaw in LeBron James's game. He said he wanted his girlfriend (now wife) to watch him play live. He's losing weight to get back into his playing weight. He beat Michael Kidd-Gilchrist in a game one on one. He's said he's played a little more Basketball recently. Also, in his final retirement speech, he ended with, "Don't be surprised if you look up, and see me playing basketball at 50." So, the only way to find out if Michael Jordan is coming back is to wait. That's all I can say.

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Q: Is Michael Jordan to old to return to the nba?
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How old was Jordan when drafted to nba?

Michael Jordan was 21

Will Jordan ever come baack to the nba?

Unless it is for some type of publicity stunt, there is not much of a chance Michael Jordan will return to the NBA. As of August 2014, he is 51 years old.

How old was Michael Jordan when he played in the NBA?


How old was Michael Jordan when he entered the nba?

He was 21 years when he got drafted into the NBA

How Old Was Michael Jordan When Started Pro - Basketball?

Michael Jordan's played his first NBA game when he was 21 years old.

How old was Michael Jordan when he first came into the nba?


How old was michael jordan when he came back to the nba?

When he first came into the NBA he was 22.

Why did Michael Jordan reture to the NBA?

He realized the gift that he had been given.

How old is Michel Jordon?

As of February 2014 former NBA player Michael Jordan is 50 years old.

Which NBA Live games are Michael Jordan on?

Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City. This is an old Super Nintendo game. I don't know if Jordan has ever been in any other games.

What day and year did Michael Jordan quit the nba?

Michael Jordan initially retired on October 6, 1993 only to return nearly two years later, on March 18th, 1995. Jordan's second retirement fell on January 13th, 1999. Once more, Jordan would return to the NBA, this time on September 25th, 2001 as a Washington Wizard (he'd previously played only for the Chicago Bulls). Jordan's final NBA basketball game fell on April 16th, 2003 against the Philadelphia 76ers. He was 40 years old when he retired for the final time.

Is Michael Jordan NBA live 10?

No he isn't in NBA Live 10. He is rarely in any games, except the really old games.