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Unless it is for some type of publicity stunt, there is not much of a chance Michael Jordan will return to the NBA. As of August 2014, he is 51 years old.

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Q: Will Jordan ever come baack to the nba?
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Who is the best NBA player in the world?

Michael Jordan is the best player ever. But the only player that has come as close to that in the NBA today is Kobe Bryant and later LeBron James, but so far no one has come close to Jordan.

Who was first player to win 8 NBA scoring titles?

Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls won 10 NBA scoring titles. Nobody has ever gotten that many. EVER

Who do you think is the best NBA basketball player ever?

Jordan 23.

When did micheal jordan win his first nba title?

Michael Jordan won his first NBA title in 1991, after leading his Chicago Bulls to its first ever NBA championship.

What year jordan come in the nba?


When did Jordan come back to the nba?


Best player to ever play in the NBA?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan

Who is the best player to ever play in the NBA?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan

Who is best nba player ever?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan, hands down

Did Michael Jordan ever score 100 points in a single nba game?


What year did Jordan come into the nba?

He joined the Chicago Bulls in 1984.

Who is the best NBA player ever?

Michael Jordan then Labron James then Rajon Rondo

Is michael jordan the best NBA player?

yes. He has the most points ever in a game

Who was the best player in NBA history?

Micheal Jordan Is the Best Player i ever Seen

Active NBA players form unc?

Michael Jordan is about as active as they come

Best record for the NBA?

The best record ever in the NBA was 72-10. This feat was done by the Chicago Bulls. They had Michael Jordan at the time.

What NBA PLAYERS hold the most rings ever?

Michael Jordan currently holds the most NBA championship rings as a player. As for coaches, the answer is Phil Jackson.

Did Jordan ever play for anybody besides Chicago and Washington?

No. Those were the only NBA teams that Jordan played for. He played college at UNC.

Who won the most NBA championships ever?

whell u have to gie it to the great "michle jordan"

Who has the highest vertical in the NBA?

The highest vertical jump ever was Michael Jordan. Known as MJ.

How do you get Michael Jordan in NBA 2k10?

Michael Jordan is unfortunataly not on the game NBA 2k10. He is on NBA 2k09.

Does NBA live 10 has Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan is not NBA Live 10 but he is on NBA 2k11.

Is Michael Jordan in NBA 2k9?

No hes not but if you get NBA live 2011 that's the first game ever hes actually in and hes unstopable! You could also just make him put his stats at 99 and that's Jordan!

Best NBA player in NBA history?

Michael Jordan

Why did Micheal Jordan get kicked out of the NBA?

Michael Jordan was never kicked out of the NBA.