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In 1904 and 1994 the Baseball World Series were not played.

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Q: In what two years was baseball World Series canceled?
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Why was there no 1994 World Series?

The 1994 World Series was canceled due to a players' strike that began on August 12, 1994, and led to the remainder of the season being canceled, including the World Series. This was the first time in 90 years that the World Series was not played.

What is the baseball team that won the World Series the most years?

the Yankees with 27

What years did the New York Giants baseball team go to the world series?

1904 (The Giants refused to play and there was no World Series)19051911191219131917192119221923192419331936193719511954

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Friends was not cancelled. After 10 years the cast and crew decided to end the series.

Which years were the olypics canceled?

1916 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany - CANCELED DUE TO WORLD WAR I1940 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan - CANCELED DUE TO WORLD WAR II1940 Winter Olympics in Sapporo, Japan - CANCELED DUE TO WORLD WAR II1944 Summer Olympics in London, England - CANCELED DUR TO WORLD WAR II1944 Winter Olympics in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy - CANCELED DUE TO WORLD WAR II

What are the only two years the Modern World Series was canceled?

In 1904 (because the National League champion refused to play the American League champion) and in 1994 (because of a player strike).

What baseball team won the World Series 17 years ago?

The Toronto Blue Jays.

Has any team lost the first three games of baseball's World Series and still won the best of seven?

It has never happened in the 100-plus years of World Series competition.

When will heroes tv series return?

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What major league baseball team won the world series 108 years ago?

new york yank

Was there any baseball team to go to the world series three years in a row?

Yes , the New York Yankees ; years 1998, 1999 and 2000

What north-of-the-border baseball team won the World Series 17 years ago today?

The Toronto Blue Jays.