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the Yankees with 27

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2011-09-13 18:49:01
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Q: What is the baseball team that won the World Series the most years?
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What pitcher has most World Series wins?

through all the years of baseball and i have played baseball myself the great whit ford has the most with 10 world series wins and 4 of them were shut outs and he had 3 no hitters he is by far the best pitcher in the game of baseball Whitey did have the most world series wins but he did not pitch any no hitters in the regular season or world series.

Which team has had the most World Series in baseball?

The New York Yankees have played in the most World Series games.

Who has won the most World Series in baseball?

The New York Yankees have won the most World Series championships with 27.

Who are the baseball world champions?

The Yankees won the world series this year, and have won the most world series title compared to other U.S. baseball teams.

Who won the past world baseball World Series?

The most recent World Series was won by the Boston Red Sox.

What baseball team has the second most World Series victories?

The St. Louis Cardinals is the baseball team that has the second-most World Series victories. The New York Yankees have the most victories.

Which baseball team was the most times runner up in the World Series?

As of the 2008 season, the New York Yankees have lost the most World Series with 13. They have also won the most World Series at 26.

Baseball players most World Series?

Yogi Berra played in 14 World Series with the Yankees winning 10.

What baseball team that has play in the most World Series?

Yankees have been in 40 world series with a 27-13 record.

Who leads MLB in World Series wins?

The New York Yankees with 27 World Series championships are the most in baseball.

What baseball team won the most World Series in the MLB?


What baseball team has played in the most world series games?


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