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Q: In Lacrosse is it a goal if it hits the left and right goalpost and the crossbar?
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What is the height of a NFL goalpost?

NFl goal posts are 18 foot 6 inches wide. The cross bar is 10 foot from the ground, and posts extend to a hight of at least 30 foot above the crossbar.

What is the height of NFL goal posts?

"Goal posts must be single-standard type, offset from the end line and painted bright gold. The goal posts must be 18 feet, 6 inches wide and the top face of the crossbar must be 10 feet above the ground. Vertical posts extend at least 30 feet above the crossbar. A ribbon 4 inches by 42 inches long is to be attached to the top of each post. The actual goal is the plane extending indefinitely above the crossbar and between the outer edges of the posts." is a game played with your feet......the height of the upright.i.e; goalpost is 8Ftsome numpties will say this is soccer........that proves just why they are numpties

When the whole ball crosses over the goal line and between the goal post?

If it does so above the crossbar and the last player to touch it was an attacker, then it's a goal kick. If it does so above the crossbar and the last player to touch it was a defender, then it's a corner kick. If it does so below the crossbar and it came directly from the defender's goal kick, corner kick, kickoff, or throw-in, it will be no-goal and a corner kick for the attackers If it does so below the crossbar and none of the above apply, a goal should be awarded and the restart is a kick-off for the defenders.

What are the three parts of a hockey goal?

Pipes Net and Crossbar

Where on a lacrosse court can a player score a goal?

A player can score a goal anywhere on the lacrosse field.

What is a lacrosse goalie?

The player who stands in the crease of the goal and blocks the lacrosse ball from being scored into the goal.

What are the dimensions of a high school football goalpost?

The height of the crossbar is 10 ft. And the width between the goal posts is 18 ft. 10 inches

Another name for the posts and crossbar of a goal in soccer?


When were the goalpost moved?

Goal post are always in the same place on the football field they never moved.

What are the posts that you hit the ball over to score a goal called in football?

It's called a goalpost.

I guard the goalpost in some games What am I?


Who guard the goal post in some games?

who guard the goalpost in foot ball