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It's called a goalpost.

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Q: What are the posts that you hit the ball over to score a goal called in football?
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In football .What if ball goes through the posts and blows back on a field goal.?

The same thing when a ball carrier crosses the goal line and gets pushed back. It's a score!

Is the goal post called a field goal?

In American Football, the goal posts are called the goal posts. A field goal is when a ball is place kicked or drop kicked between the goal posts and above the cross bar.

How can you score a field goal in football?

Usually the backup quarterback holds the ball with one finger, (pressing the ball down) then the kicker kicks the ball in between the field goal posts. ( there will be eleven people on opposing sides.

How do you keep score in AFL?

if you kick the ball between the middle two posts you get 6 points but if you kick the ball between the outer two posts you get 1 point

What is a play in football?

when a team hikes the ball and attempts to score.

What is the main point in rugby?

To get the ball over the line and score. Then to kick the ball over the posts to get the conversion. Also for enjoyment and for fitness.

What does the offense do in football?

run the ball and catch it and take it to the in zonePass The Ball, Run The Ball, Score Touchdowns

How do you goal in Gaelic football?

A Gaelic football goal is like a rugby goal and a soccer goal stuck together. You could think of it like a soccer goal with posts extending beyond the cross bar. The posts are 6.5 metres apart, with a height of not less than 7 metres above ground level. A cross bar is fixed to the goal posts at a height of 2.5 metres. To score you have to put the ball between the posts, either above the cross bar for one point or into the goal itself for 3 points. The ball can be kicked or punched, but not thrown, in order to score.

Do soccer have Bases?

No!!!!!!! That's baseball. In soccer you kick the ball and try and score in the goals(posts with netting

Where do you score a tuchdown at in football?

You need to go to the end zone with the ball

Why do footy players HANDball when the game is called FOOTball?

It's part of the rules. Just as a goal keeper can catch and touch the ball in English football, Australian rules football has rules that allows the players to touch the ball sometimes. To score a goal a player MUST kick the ball.

How was rugby played in 1823?

The game was actual called football at that time in the Rugby School in Warwickshire UK. It was a cross between soccer and murder ball where there were few rules and sides were as many as 100 players perside. The games was to get the ball to the opposing goal line and place it down - The ascoring team then "tried" to score a goal by kicking the ball beween 2 posts

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