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It's called a pinch-hit walk-off home run.

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Q: If a walk off home run ends the game what is a pinch hit walk off home run called now days?
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When the game ends and there is no winner?

it is called a draw

If you are pinch hit for are you out of the game?

yes you are the pinch hitter is the replacement

Who gets the win when a fielder is assinged to pitch Like in a situation when someone pinch hits for a pitcher and the winning run is scored while that pinch runner is assingned to pitch?

The pitcher of record, i. e., the pitcher who was the player who last pitched, would get credit for the win. The pinch hitter or pinch runner is not considered the pitcher until he takes the mound, not when he replaces the pitcher as a pinch hitter or pinch runner. To further explain, even if the pinch hitter or pinch runner, or another pitcher enters the game to pitch after the end of the inning in which they pinch hit and/or pinch ran, and the losing team does not tie the game, or go ahead, that previous pitcher (the one that was pinch hit for, or pinch ran for) gets credit for the win.

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If a pinch runner comes into a game and ends up coming around to score who gets credit for the total bases and run scored - the pinch runner or the player who reached base in the first place?

Total bases is not relevant with pinch runners. Total bases is only relevant with batters and is a statistical category used to measure a baseball player's effectiveness at the plate. So the pinch runner would be credited with 0 total bases. However, the run scored would be credited to the pinch runner.

How many times can you use the same player as a pinch runner in girls a.s.a. softball?

Unlimited as long as the pinch runner is designated the pinch runner for the pitching position only and is a sub that does not enter the game.

Who is the person theat enters the game to bat for another?

Pinch hitter

What is a pinch runner?

A pinch runner is a substitute for a runner that is already on base. If player A is on second base and the manager decides to replace player A with player B, player B would be called a pinch runner.

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What is the origin of the baseball term pinch hitter?

In the game of baseball, a pinch hitter is the term given to a player that is substituted for the next scheduled hitter. The term gets its name from the phrase in a pinch, meaning the ability to do something in short order or notice.

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