How popular is netball in the world?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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No. According to the Australian Bureau of statistics, the most popular sports in Australia by attendance are:

  • Australian Rules football, with an attendance rate of 16%
  • Horse-racing (13%)
  • Rugby league (9%)
  • Motor sports (9%)
  • Cricket (5%)
  • Rugby Union (4%)
  • Soccer (4%)
  • Harness racing
  • Dog Racing
  • Basketball (2%)
  • Tennis (2%)
  • Netball (1%)

Most of the above sports were usually attended by people who watched a single game over a one-year period; this included attendees at dog racing, harness racing, horse racing, motor sports and tennis. By contrast, those who attended netball, Australian Rules football, basketball and soccer attended more than one game.

According to another source, Repucom/ Daily Telegraph, which surveyed a smaller cross-section of the population, cricket was selected as the most popular sport in Australia by participation, spectator and television viewer numbers. Designated Australia's "national sport", the Australian men's cricket team is ranked as Australia's favourite and most successful international sporting teams.

An increasingly popular sport is Touch, a form of non-tackle football. Swimming and water sports such as surfing, as well as golf are very popular individual sports.

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It's not that popular. Some don't even know enything about Netball.

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Netball is popular in Australia because losts and losts of people play or join netball each year.

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Q: How popular is netball in the world?
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yes its actually very popular

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World Youth Netball Championships was created in 1988.

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It is not the most popular sport. Tennis, basketball and soccer are actually more famous than netball. However, netball is a very popular sport for younger women ages 7-16

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Rugby and Netball

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Cricket and Netball

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