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Q: How much money does each nfl team make from tv?
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How much money did each team member earn for playing in the first Wold series?

How much money did each winning team member earn for playing in the first World Series

How much money is paid to each team in the Bcs championship game?


How much money does an owner make from a professional football team?


How much money Germany soccer team makes in a year?

They make $400,500

How much money do a swat team make?

Around 900 $ dollars a job

How much money do Weight Watchers team leaders make?

20 hour

Is there such a thing as a team for women and do they make just as much money?

There are various women's leagues around the world and they don't make as much money as men.Answeryes, in California their is the United States Women's National Team. they are really great.

How much money does a New York Yankees player make a year?

The Yankees, like any other sports team, have different contracts and salaries for each player.

How much money did each winning team member earn for winning the 2009 World Series?

Players on the winning team for the 2009 World Series each received $365,052.73.

How much money will each player get for todays game seatle an new Orleans game?

As of 2010 playoffs all players on the 53 man team make an atomatic 23,000$

How much money does NBA players make in a year?

It depends on who the player is and what team he plays for.

How much money was awarded to each player of the team that won the first super bowl?

45000 dollars