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Q: How much money is paid to each team in the Bcs championship game?
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How much money is made from the PGA championship game?


How much money does each game of life player start with?

1500 each player at the beginning of the game. :)

1933 Chicago Bears beat ny giants how much money did each player on the winning team receive?

$210.34.Click on the '1933 NFL Championship Game' link below to read about the game.

How much monopoly money do you pass out?

at the start of a game each player gets 2000 each

How much money does each NFL football game get?


How much money do you get for monoply game?

5 of each dollar

How much money does each player get in the game of LIFe?


How much money did the New Orleans Saints earn for the NFC championship game?

None. In the NFL you do not get paid for winning games

How much money do you need for monopoly?

$4,000. Do you mean how much money should there be in the whole game or do you mean how much each player would be comfortable with?

How much money will a DS game sell for?

Around 40$ each, depending if the game is old or new

How much money does Dwyane Wade make each game?

67 cents

The game of life gives how much money to each player?

5000 to start with

How much money does each player get for playoff game?

The same amount that is on their contract.

How much money do you get for winning the English championship?


How much money do each player get in speed game monopoly game?

same as regular monopoly. 1500 dollars

How much money do video game designers get paid each day?

$865 sometimes

How much money does a team that won a nba championship get?


How much does a college referee make in the championship game?

about 25,000.

How much money will UNC players receive for winning the 2009 NCAA Championship and does the losing team in this case Michigan make any money?

Players receive nothing, they are considered to have amateur status and are not paid professional players! The schools themselves will receive, I think, about $200,000 for each game played.

How much money does a pro basketball player make each game?

I dont know.. sorry

How much is the Football championship prize money?

10 million a peace

How much money do NBA players make for winning championship?


How much a pro boxer get each fight?

Depends on the fight, championship.

How much prize money do you get for winning the US Open golf championship?


How much do Michael Jordan championship ring cost?

A whole lot of money

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