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$40-50M for the MLS on-time fee. $5-10M in salaries, $2-5M marketing, $2-5M for stadium fees, $1M misc... $10-20M minimum annual operating costs. 25,000 ticket holders x $20 = $500K per game x 17 home games (34 total games) = $8M + ESPN/NBC TV revenue ($5M) = $13M Breakeven

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An incredible amount of resources (Money). To establish a team in the MLS in North America, you need a base of 40 million $. From there you will also need a stadium, players, trainers, Coaches, Managers, Business Managers and the list goes on...The amount (from a complete guess) would probably exceed 80 Million...

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Q: How much does it cost to start up a professional soccer team?
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