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1.1 pounds.... 500grams

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400-440 grams.

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Q: How much does an official soccer ball weigh?
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How much does a ping-pong weigh in grams?

The official rules of table tennis state that the ball shall weigh 2.7g

How much pressue is a 5 soccer ball supposed to have?

what is the regulation of a soccer ball pressure

How much does an average orange weigh?

An average orange weighs about 3kg and is as big as a soccer ball. Its grey in color and smell like bananas

Does a new or a old soccer ball go farther?

it doesn't matter. a band new soccer ball is as good as an old soccer ball. depending on how much air is in your soccer ball, you'll know how far it will go.

How much does a US Open tennis ball weigh?

The official rules of Table Tennis state that the ball shall be: * spherical, with a diameter of 40mm and * weigh 2.7g and * be made of celluloid or similar plastics material and * be white or orange, and matt

What is Fuseball Fuseball is like soccer and football it is mixed to make Fuseball there is basketball Fuseball there is soccer Fuse ball and when they are mixed they make Fuseball that is what means?

fuse ball is pretty much like soccer but it is harder to kick the ball and it doesnt bounce as much it is like indoor but out doors. it is played on a basketball court. fuse ball drastically improves your touch on the ball.

How much does a soccer ball cost?

about 20

How much do pro soccer players weigh?


How much does a soccer ball weigh in pounds?

A size 5 soccer ball will weigh between 14 and 16 ounces.

How much does a regular soccer ball cost?

about 20

How much soccer cleats weigh?

depends on the cleat what cleat do you have

How much do f50 soccer cleats weigh?

5.8 oz