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Derek Jeter's contract pays him $20 million this year

This is from the AP I think:

Jeter gets a $16 million signing bonus payable over eight years, $11 million [in 2001], $13 million in 2002, $14 million in 2003, $17 million in 2004, $18 million in 2005, $19 million in 2006, $20 million in each of the following three seasons and $21 million in 2010.

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Q: How much does Derek Jeter get paid each year?
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How much does Derek Jeter get paid per at bat?

In 2010 Jeter was paid $22,600,000 (his highest paid season) and had 663 at bats (the most on the Yankees that year). Based on these two numbers, Derek Jeter was paid around $34,087.48 per at bat in 2010

How much money does Derek Jeter get paid per month?

If you take Jeter's highest paid season ($22.6 million in 2010) and divide the 8 months a year that he plays, you get about $2,825,000 a month

Who was paid 19600000 by the New York Yankees in 2005?

Derek Jeter

How much money does Derek Jeter make per home run?

A player doesn't get paid per home run, they get paid a yearly salary, no matter what they do during the season.

How much are athletes paid?

Depends on the position and how good you are Ben Roethlisberger: 32 mil. Derek Jeter:125 mil. Sidney Crosby:20 Million Once again they all play different sports

Is Derek Jeter Overrated?

Definitely not! And anyone who thinks so doesn't know the definition of overrated!overrated- to rate or appraise too highly; overestimate: I think you overrate their political influence.Derek Jeter is indeed overrated.Good for him he has 2,700 something hits, that's nowhere near Pete Rose. Many active players have over 2,700 hits and they dont get paid $20,000,000 every season.You get paid for the work in progress. It does not matter how many hits Pete Rose has. If Derek Jeter ends his career with over 3,500 hits, should they wait and give him the $20 million as a parting gift? Also, the long list of active players with 2,700 or more hits is Derek Jeter, Ken Griffey Jr., Ivan Rodriguez and Omar Vizquel. Derek deserves his money, he will be the only Yankee with 3,000 hits, he is their Captain, he is a winner and has brought nothing but class to the organization. George spent the money wisely on Derek.

Who is the most overpaid player on the New York Yankees?

A better question would be who isn't the most overpaid on the New York Yankees, but the correct answer is Alex Rodriguez. Derek Jeter would have to be the second most paid because he is being offered a lot of commercial stuff. But A-Rod definitely gets paid a lot more than Jeter.

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Who is the best player on the New York Yankees?

The most well-known former players are likely: * Babe Ruth * Lou Gehrig * Joe DiMaggio * Mickey Mantle * Yogi Berra * Whitey Ford The next two after these five are probably: * Roger Maris (non Hall of Famer) * Reggie Jackson The current players on todays team would probably be Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, and Mariano Rivera.

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