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Depends on the position and how good you are

Ben Roethlisberger: 32 mil.

Derek Jeter:125 mil. Sidney Crosby:20 Million

Once again they all play different sports

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Are athletes paid too much?

No athletes do not get paid too much because they have worked for what they have earned and athletes deserve a lot of money.

Why should athletes not get paid what they get paid?

Athletes should make as much money as the market will allow.

How much do Cuban pro athletes get paid?

The only country in the world who's athletes don't get paid.

How much can a player get paid playing professional basketball in japan?

I am trying to find out much professional athletes get paid in japan. I am trying to find out much professional athletes get paid in japan.

How much does the US pay it's athletes for gold medals?

They are not paid. This would mean they are professional athletes and to play they can't be paid. The athletes get endorsements from companies after they win.

That athletes get paid too much?

ill have to say that Athletes just enough i even think if they get hurt they should get paid more.

How much do division2 players get paid?

college athletes do not get paid in any division.

How much do track and field athletes get paid?


Why do professional athletes get paid so much?

because their me

Do actors and proffessional athletes get paid to much?

yes they are

How much do athletes get paid for video games?


Does professional athletes get paid too much?

yes they do

Are professional athletes being paid to much?

they should be paid $1,000,000 and give it to charity

How much do girl soccer players get paid?

women athletes do not get paid, for any sport.

How much does a athlete get paid for breaking a world record at the Olympics?

Olympic athletes are not paid.

How much do professional athletes get paid Ex ringette payers?

they dont get paid at all

Why are athletes paid so much?

because they entertain u

Are Actors and Professional Athletes paid too much?


Who determines how much athletes get paid?

first the company and then the contract

Do ahlets get paid to much?

Yes, some people do believe that athletes get paid too much. In fact, there are some athletes that earn well over $100 million a year. While they should be paid for entertaining the masses and putting their health on the line, some athletes are simply not worth this amount of money.

Do college athletes get paid?

No. It is illegal is some sports for College athletes to get paid.

How much do british athletes get paid for winning gold medals?


Why do athletes get paid too much?

Because they work & work & work at it

How much do college athletes get paid?

They don't. It's a violation of NCAA rules for college athletes to be paid anything, or even to be given gifts from alumni or backers of the school.

Top 10 highest paid athletes?

Top 10 highest paid athletes?