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as many as you want there to be

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Q: How many years was baseball played in the Olympics?
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What is played every four years?

There are many events that are played every four years, such as the FIFA World Cup, The Summer Olympics, The Winter Olympics, The Rugby World Cup and many, many other events.

How many years has Jim thome played?

He has played 25 years of baseball

How many times a year are the summer Olympics played?

Once every 4 years, the next summer Olympics are London 2012

How many years Jackie Robinson played baseball?

500 years

How many years was it after the Berlin Olympics for the next Olympics?

it was 4 years

How many Olympics has Nadal played in?

he hasplayed in 3 olympics

How many years ago was baseball first played?


The winter Olympics occur how many years?

There is a winter Olympics every four years.

How many years was the Olympics at Australia for?

2 years

Olypics occur how many years?

Olympics occur how many years

How many years has Shaun White competed in the Olympics?

Shaun White has been is the Olympics for 3 years.

How many years of experience do you need to be in the Olympics?

you must be 16 years old as of the year of the Olympics you you want to be in