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Shaun White has been is the Olympics for 3 years.

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Q: How many years has Shaun White competed in the Olympics?
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How many Olympics has Shaun White been in?

3 years

How many years did Shaun White play in the Olyimpics?

2 Olympics 8 years

How many times has japan competed in the Olympics?

Japan has competed in the Olympics since 1912 so that's 100 years exactly :)

How many years has your country competed in the Olympics?

78 years (New Zealand)

How many times has Leisel Jones competed in the Olympics?

5 years

In what years do summer Olympics occur?

Summer Olympics occur in leap years. If the month of February has 29 days in the year, the Summer Olympics is scheduled to be competed.

When did Shaun White become a pro skateboarder?

Shaun White has been snowboarding since he was six years old. He received his first sponsorship at age seven, and he won his first Olympic gold metal in 2006. He also won gold in the 2010 Olympics.

When did shaun white start his clothing line?

2008 10 Years (and Counting): Shaun White and Target Celebrate Their ...

How many people competed in at the Paris Olympics and were woman allowed to compete?

4 years onecs

Is hwang bo sil dead?

No. She competed in the 1992 Olympics. This was three years after her fall in 1989.

How long has Shaun White been snowboaring?

for 20 years

Who was the oldest USA athlete to compete in the 2008 Olympics?

That was John Dane, 58 years old, who competed in sailing.