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Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester city, Arsenal

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Q: What are the top teams in this year's English Premiership?
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Which Spanish footballers have played for two top English premiership teams?

The two Spanish footballers to play in the top E.P.L. teams are Antonio Reyes for Arsenal and Fernando Torres for Liverpool and Chelsea.

What is the meaning of premiership football game?

The Premiership is the top league in England. It is considered by many to be the best league in the world. The Premiership consists of 20 teams.

Who has played for two of the top four teams in English premiership and any one Spanish team?

Michael Owen (Liverpool, Real Madrid, Manchester United)

Who is the top scorer of headed goals in English premiership football?

Alan Shearer is the all time top scorer of headed goals in the premiership with 46.

Do the top three fotll teams go into the europeon league?

In the English Premiership, the top two automatically qualify for the Champions League proper, whilst third and fourth place teams qualify for the Champions League qualifying rounds. The fifth team qualifies for the Europa League.

Which players have played for two of the top four premiership teams and either real Madrid or Barcelona?


What Player who played for 3 of top 4 premiership teams?

Anelka played for Arsenal,Chelsea and Liverpool

Who was the last English player to win the premiership's top goalscorer?

Alan shearer

When was the last time Blackpool were in the premiership?

Blackpool have never been in the Premiership. They were last in the top flight of English football, the old Division 1, in 1972.

Who are the top scoring midfielders in English premiership last season?


How many English soccer teams are there?

There are 20 teams in the English Premier League. This is the top division. There are 92 teams in all divisions of the English Professional football leagues.

All time premiership top scorers?

Top 50 premiership scorers all time

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