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Italy have won a total of 8 games and a draw since enterying the six nations.

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Q: How many wins has Italy in 6 nations rugby since 2000?
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When is the six nations rugby match this Saturday?

The Six Nations started in 2000. England have been playing in it since then. Prior to that was the Five Nations, which started in 1910 and the Home Nations which started in 1883, both of which England were part of.

What year did Italy win the RUGBY world cup?

Italy join the Six Nations Championship in 2000

When did 6 nations start?

The 6 Nations rugby tournament started in 2000 when Italy joined the existing 5 Nations tournament which had France, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Which rugby team won 6 nations in 1999?

In 1996 it was only the 5 Nations, as Italy only joined in 2000. England won the 1996 5 Nations.

When did Wales last beat England?

Since the Six Nations Rugby Championship came into being in 2000, Wales have won it twice - in 2005 and 2008. Both times they won it with a 'Grand Slam', which means they were unbeaten in all five of their matches.

Who is the worst rugby team in the world?

Italy have the poorest record since the 6 Nations began in 2000. However, in the 2012 season they have shown huge improvements and show that they deserve the respect of all other international teams.

When was the first rugby six nations?

The first six nations was in 2000 which England won. Before that it was called five nations because Italy wasnt involved until 2000. There were four nations from 1883 to 1910, and then France joined.

What are the six nations?

Its a rugby tournament which happens every year, It has a set of six nations or countries which play each other once in order to try and win the cup. Teams which compete are Wales, England, Italy, France, Scotland, Ireland. Those teams always are involved in it and they don't have to qualify for it and they don't get through based on world ranking places. This is a rugby tournament for Europe and these are the only decent teams in Europe. Southern hemisphere teams like new Zealand and Australia compete in a quad nations.

How many times have Wales beaten Scotland at Rugby since 2000?

Wales have won 7 out of 11 matches since 2000 - 10 games have been in the 6 nations with one friendly match. Scotland have won 3 matches with one match drawn.

When did Italy join the six nations?

Italy and the European Union (EU)Italy was one of the original six founder members of the earliest post-WW2 European communities, and the treaty which established the European Economic Community (EEC) is called the Treaty of Rome. In the aftermath of World War 2 there was a deterimination in much of Western Europe to build a new, prosperous, interdepenendent and peaceful Europe. It's been such a huge success that many countries are clamouring for admission to the EU.Joncey

When did the five nation become the six nations?

2000, when Italy joined the tournament.

When did Scotland win the rugby world cup?

Scotland has never won the Six Nations although they won the last Five Nations in 1999.