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Q: How many times akram takes sachin wicket?
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How many times Henry olonga takes sachin wicket?


How many times brad hogg takes sachin wicket?

Just once !! Sachin signed Hogg and autograph and wrote "This will never happen again" and since then Hogg hasn't been able to crack his wicket !!

Who got Sachin's wicket mostly in test cricket?

Waqar Younis got Tendulkar out 15 times.

Who took sachin tendulkar wicket most?

Brett Lee - 14 times Among players who are playing - James Anderson - 10 times

What is a wicket in medieval times?

a wicket is a person size door set into the main gate door

Which cricketer has been bowled maximum number of times in ODI?

Sachin Tendulkar

How many times can you be out from a wide?

2 ( stumped out & hit wicket )

Who got run out many times?


How many times has Sachin Tendulkar been not out in ODI?

41 times

How many times has Fernando alonzo took a wicket?

none you idiot

How many times did sachin get out in his nineties?

sachin tendulkar has got out in nineties 18 times in ODI's and 10 times in tests so, totally 28 times, he had got out in nineties.

How many award sachin tendulkar?

89 times