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If you are the kind of forward looking to make an impact you should be making at least up to five (preferably more) tackles a game. But what is more important is not how many tackles you make rather how GOOD the tackles are. Youv'e got to hit'em hard and make them think twice before running the ball up again.

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There are 7 backs in a Rugby team. Scrum-half and Fly-half known as half-backs, however they are still classed as backs.

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The front 5 are normally in teh lwers 3 -4 the back rows especially a good openside flanker should hit 7 plus

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Q: How many tackles are made in an average rugby match?
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Who made the Most tackles in a rugby league game after normal time?

Nathan Hindmarsh 75 tackles Parramatta Eels vs Melbourne Storm 2003 Semi-Final

How many tackles are in rugby league?

Micheal Luck of the New Zealand Warriors made 74 tackles on the 25th of April 2009 against the Melbourne Storm in a 14-14 draw after extra time. Nathan Hindmarsh, He currently holds the world record for the most tackles made in a single game in the 2007 NRL season amassing 75 tackles against the Melbourne Storm in round 23.

What rugby statistics are most important?

Tackles made Turnovers for and against Line-out won on own ball and opposition penalties conceded advantage lines achieved points for points against possession kicked-away

How many tackles does Troy Polamalu have in his career?

Through the 2013 season, Troy Polamalu has made 709 tackles.

How does rugby sevens differ from regularly rugby?

Actually there is no difference. Its a name given to the top level of the professional game which indictaes the bast teams in the league which is made up of South Africa, New Zealand & Australia

How was the rugby ball originally made?

how was the rugby ball originally made

What was it about Jonah Lomu that made him a legend?

He had a superb rugby mind. Adding to that he was 6ft 4in and some 17 stone playing on the wing. When to took the ball he entered tackles like a foward and ran like a wing which added up to a massive target to stop.

Which patriot is the active leader in tackles made on special teams?

Larry izzo

In football do tackles made on special teams count towards a players statistics?


How many tackles did safety roy Williams make in the 07-08 opener against the New York Giants?

According to, Williams had 8 tackles in that game. However, when watching the game replay, you can clearly see that he made 9 tackles in the game. Thanks!

Can a rugby shirt be made of any material?

The standard rugby shirt is made from a combination of polyester and cotton. However, as the game has evolved the league has made rugby shirts made out of mostly polyester as it's safer for the players.

Where rugby made?

Rugby was initially created by William Web Ellis a student of Rugby School Warwickshire England in 1823.