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three steps

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Q: How many steps do you get in basketball after you pick ball up before it's considered travel?
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Is a hopstep in basketball a travel?

No it is not a travel as long as you do not take more than two steps before passing or shooting.

Do you need to dribble the basketball before you take a shot?

No, there is no rule that says you must dribble the basketball before you can shoot it. But you may not take any steps with out dribbling the ball, if you do "travel" with the ball without dribbling the referee will whistle a penalty.

Is three steps a travel in nba?

This steps is a travel at most levels of basketball, with an exception of extremely young leagues. The maximum amount of steps a player can take without traveling is 2 steps. Even though traveling is probably the most commonly ignored penalty in professional basketball, so it would not surprise me if someone thought something like that.

Why does a basketball require three referees?

Well three steps is a travel. Maybe the officials didn't see the third step, they probably were not in a good angle, etc. But 3 steps are definitely a travel.

How many steps are allowed before shooting in high school basketball?


A sentence for traveling in basketball?

the player took 3 steps without dribbling so the ref called a travel

What happens when a player takes more than 2 steps in basketball?

it is a travel and the other team gets the ball

Are you allowed to take 3 steps in basketball while holding the ball in 1 hand?

no, youll be called for a travel. no matter how you hold the ball, you cannot take three steps.

Can you take two steps from the pivot in basketball without dribbling if a pass or shot is attempted before landing?


Steps in playing basketball?

1-shooting=2-run=3-drink and eat before playing

What does travel mean in basketball?

This is what traveling means... Traveling is when you take more than 1 step and that is a penalty. Picture yourself with a basketball and you stop dribbling. then take 2 steps. That is travelingMore than two steps without dribbling the ball

What is rule of running in basketball?

You cannot take more than 2 steps without dribbiling or it will be called travel and the ball would go to the other team.