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There are hundreds of rivalries in College Football, too many to be named.

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Georgia! They have the border bash with USC. Worlds largest cocktail party against UF. The deep Souths oldest rivalry with Auburn, Georgia Tech , Clemson and up until recently Tennessee

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Q: How many rivalries are there in college football?
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What are the greatest rivalries in college football?

U of M vs. OSU

What is the longest college football rivalries in years?

Yale vs. Harvard is the longest...but 1 of my favorite rivalries is Indiana University vs. Purdue University for the OLD OAKEN BUCKET! that one has been goin on forever! go IU!!!

How many college football teams are there.?

There are approximately 119 College Football teams.

What is better softball of football?

Football. I challenge you to name 5 major baseball rivalries that the whole country knows about.

Who are Rutgers rivals?

The university has historic rivalries with Lafayette College, Lehigh University, Princeton University and Columbia University (formerly King's College) originating from the early days of college football. Rutgers has a men's basketball rivalry with Seton Hall University and has developed growing rivalries with the University of Connecticut and Syracuse University in all sports. The university's longest active football rivalry is with Navy (dating back to 1891). This rivalry stems from Navy and Rutgers being two of the only three programs (the third is Army) to come out of the original, informal "Ivy League" that are still members of the top tier of NCAA college football (currently Division I-FBS).

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Which president was an outstanding college football player?

There are many famous college football players who gained fame following their playing career. President Gerald Ford was an outstanding college football player.

What are some of the top Sports Rivalries in modern day sports?

Rivalries are mostly dependent on where you live or what sports teams you follow. Most people sense the most heated rivalries are located near them, because they are most involved with the people who are interested in the rivalries. Common rivalries include interstate rivalries, and neighboring college rivalries. On a national basis, the most known sports rivalries are the New York Yankees v. Boston Red Sox and Joe Frazier v. Mohammed Ali, etc.. For more see Related Links below.

How many College students play sports?

About a few hundred, watch college football and basketball sometime, did you know the college football superbowl is called the orangebowl?!

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