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Yale vs. Harvard is the longest...but 1 of my favorite rivalries is Indiana University vs. Purdue University for the OLD OAKEN BUCKET! that one has been goin on forever! go IU!!!

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Q: What is the longest college football rivalries in years?
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What is the longest college football pass?

99 years

What are the oldest college football rivalries?

Top 3 oldest rivalries(not including military academies):Michigan v Ohio St, Oklahoma v Texas, and Alabama v Auburn. I don't have a definitive answer to this one, but the above Answer is wrong. Harvard and Yale have been playing football against each other since 1875. Many other long standing rivalries come up when you simply search for them on the internet. Lehigh vs Lafayette (since 1884), South Dakota School of Mines and Technology vs Black Hills State University (said by Wikipedia to be the second most played after Harvard-Yale), Wisconsin vs Minnesota (since 1890) and many others. The Wikipedia entries say the first Michigan - Ohio State game was in 1897, Auburn-Alabama in 1893 and Oklahoma - Texas in 1900. The original Question is too vague. Why are service academies excepted? Did they mean ONLY current FBS football schools? The Answer above sounds like a 9-tear old's vision of "oldest college football rivalries": that is, only the currently popular football team rivalries that the nine year old has heard of. Does the question mean the oldest first game between two rivals? The rivalry with the longest consecutive years played to date? Many rivalries are initially old but some years the game is not played. The rivalry with the highest number of games played? Are all football divisions included, or just the current major college programs? Harvard - Yale is VERY likely the number ONE answer to this question. After that, you must specify what the question really means to get a definitive answer.

Which college football teams have the longest current losing streaks in each division?

Longest College Football Losing StreaksAs of Oct. 2013, Southern Miss. has the longest losing streak at 0-18 & It extends back to 2 years ago (Starting in 2012-13 school year). New Mexico has the 2nd.

How many years of college do you need to be a football player?

you dont always need college to be a football player but you have to go to college to play college football

How can i return to college football?

That depends; who are you? If you were a past college football player who wants to return after playing four years, sorry, but you cannot return to play college football after your 4 years of eligibility are up.

Best record in college football the last 5 years?

Best College football record over the last 5 years

How many years of college to be a football player?

at least two years of college

What is the difference of college football and NFL football?

college football you only have 4 years to play and you don't get paid in nfl you get paid and choose when to quit

How many years has the longest pro football quarter back plaoyed?

Easy: that was George Blanda who played quarterback and kicker in college and in professional football. He has the record of the most seasons played at 26. George, at the time of his retirement, had scored more points than any other football player.

How many years have the Ohio State Buckeyes been one of the top teams in College Football?

0 they are not a top team in college football

Longest losing streak for ocean view football?

Ocean view high football losings streak lasted. 3 years.

What is the death penalty in college football?

In college football, "The Death Penalty" is a term used when the NCAA rules that a University must discontinue playing intercollegiate football for one or more years. It happened a few years back with Southern Methodist University.

How many years of college do you need for football?

if you mean to go from college to the NFL, you need to be 3 years removed from your HS graduation.

How long do you have to be in college to be a lineman?

Football players can usually only play in college for four years.

How long can you play college football?

You can play college football as long as you are in college. You may also be "Redshirted" Which means you are removed from the roster and cannot play, But you still can play your four years after the redshirt is up. In short, 4 years.

Is Auburn and Georgia the oldest rivalry in college football?

Top 3 oldest rivalries (not including military academies): Michigan v Ohio St, Oklahoma v Texas, and Alabama v Auburn.Oldest rivalry in college football history: Michigan vs. Notre Dame - it goes back to 1887 (123 years)Oldest rivalry in division 3? williams vs. amherstoldest collge football coach in history of college football? Joe Paterno of the Penn State Nittany Lions.The Answer to the Question is no. Auburn vs Georgia is not the oldest rivalry in college football. Harvard vs Yale started in 1875.As far as the 'oldest' coach in college football history: Amos Alonzo Stagg coached until he was 96.

How many years in a row has Auburn beat Alabama in college football?

6 years

How many years of college is needed to play pro football?

3 to 4 years

What is the average tenure of a college football coach?

Four years.

How long can a person play college football?

4 years

Did Nelly play college football?

yes for 2 years.

Who served the longest period as football manager?

Sir Alex Ferguson, current (as of middle of 2010/11 season) manager of Manchester United FC, is the longest-serving football manager of the English league system. He has been in charge of the football club for 24 years.

Who is the longest serving championship football manager?

Dario Gradi : 24 years at Crewe Alexandra

How many years in college does it take to become a pro football player?

It took 4 years of college to become a nfl profoootball player.

Can football players without college education play in the NFL?

You can enter the NFL Draft with three years of college education. Many football players will redshirt as a freshman which is the NCAA legal way of giving a student five eligible years of football at college. You may see people enter the draft as a sophomore, however the redshirted so it is actually their 3rd year in college.