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Q: How many points would Rick Mount have scored if the 3 point line existed during his 61 point scoring performance vs Iowa in 1970?
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What was Michael Jordan's scoring average during his last year of high school?

Michael Jordan's scoring average in his senior year in high school was 30 points per game.

What is the formula of ranking a cricket player?

the cricket players are ranked according to their every match performance they get points for taking wickets and scoring runs but offcourse u will get more points playing against stronger opposition

How does head to head scoring work for fantasy basketball?

Although different sites have slightly different rules for head to head scoring, the general scoring process is based on weekly matchups with the winner being the team that accrued the most points during the week. The points are based on a player's statistics for the week. Points per game typically give players 1 fantasy point and steals per game give players 2 points. For a full breakdown of head to head scoring rules check out the link below.

Which Edmonton Oilers player holds the record for the longest consecutive goal-scoring streak?

In 1983-84, he had a 51-game point-scoring streak that has been compared to "Joltin' Joe" DiMaggio's streak in baseball, during which he averaged exactly three points a game, scoring 61 goals and 92 assists for 153 points.

What is traditional scoring?

Traditional scoring is also known as sideout scoring. It is when you can only get points on rallies that you or your team served the ball.

Who is 2008 seasons highest scoring team in the NFL?

The New Orleans Saints led the league in scoring in 2008, scoring 463 regular season points averaging 28.9 points per game.

How tennis scoring in double points?

singels is to 21 points and doubles is to 11

What is Dennis Rodman's scoring average?

15 points

What was Bill Russell's lifetime scoring average per game?

Russell played in 963 games and scored 14,522 points during his 13 year career with the Celtics. That averages out to 15.1points per game. His highest scoring average was in the 1961-62 season when he averaged 18.9 points per game.

Who led the Detroit pistons in scoring during the 2002-2003 playoffs?

Luke aldridge with three hundred and twenty-four points in a single game

What is the points scoring in English football?

3 points if you win 1 point if you draw 0 points if you lose

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers scoring leader in 2002?

In 2002, Hines Ward led the Steelers in scoring with 78 points.