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Q: What is john havlicek most points scored in nba game?
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Who is the celtics all-time leading scorer?

It is John Havlicek who scored 26,395 points during his career.

Who has the second most points scored as a Boston Celtic?

Paul Pierce, who played for the Boston Celtics from 1998 to 2013, ranks second on the team's all-time points scored list with 24,021. John Havlicek is the No. 1 points leader in Celtics' history with 26,395. Larry Bird is third with 21,791.

What is the birth name of John Havlicek?

John Havlicek's birth name is John J. Havlicek.

Who is the Celtics all time leading scorer?

John Havlicek with 26,395 points

John scored 23 more points than the rest of his team his team scored 99 points how many points did john score?

John scored 61 points.

How tall is John Havlicek?

John Havlicek is 6' 5".

What nicknames does John Havlicek go by?

John Havlicek goes by Hondo.

When was John Havlicek born?

John Havlicek was born on April 8, 1940.

What is John Havlicek's birthday?

John Havlicek was born on April 8, 1940.

If Carlos scored 15 points than john in the basketball gameif the product of two points total is 154 how many points did each boy score?

Carlos scored 92 points and John scored 62 points.

How old is John Havlicek?

John Havlicek is 77 years old (birthdate: April 8, 1940).

What NBA players have 20000 points 6000 assists and 6000 rebounds?

Clyde Drexler, John Havlicek, and Oscar Robertson