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2 technical fouls and 6 fouls

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In high school 5.

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2 technical fouls and 6 fouls

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Q: How many times can you foul in basketball?
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How many times can you foul in baseball?

as many times as you want

How many foul out in middle school in basketball?

5 fouls

What is a offensiven foul in basketball?

When a player on the team with the ball commits a foul

What is the best rhythm for a foul shot?

1. Spin basketball in hands. 2. Dribble basketball 3 times. 3. Concentrate at target. 4. Spin basketball in hands. 5. Shoot

What is an infraction in basketball?

a foul?

When a player gets a foul in basketball does that mean they did something wrong?

In Basketball, a foul, is a penalty for doing something against the rules of the game.

Is a technical foul counted as a team foul in high school basketball?


Is it a foul in basketball in you get shoved after your shot?

Yes it is a foul but you don't get free throws

How many fouls can a player make in big east basketball before fouling out?

4. On your 5th foul in college basketball you have fouled out of the game.

Is there another name for foul line in basketball?

Yes, the foul line in basketball is also commonly referred to as the free-throw line.

How do you know that there is a foul in the basketball?

you hear it or see it

When would a point be disallowed in basketball?

on a foul