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Q: How many points for a recovered PAT and run-back?
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How many points is a PAT worth in a football game?

2 points

How many points per touchdown?

Six for the touchdown, followed by: * One point for a kicked PAT. * Two points for a PAT on a ball that's successfully carried back into the end zone.

Point after missed PAT?

You can not get any points if you missed the PAT.

How many points is 134 touchdowns?

938 points, assuming you made all of the PAT's. because lets face it, ya don't have a bad kicker!

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PAT's are always 1 point

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1 pt scored after a touchdown?

It's Called a PAT (Point After Try I believe) it's a kick after the touchdown, a touchdown is only 6 points to get the full 7 you have to kick a PAT, or you can go for a 2 point conversion worth.....2 POINTS obviously

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