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PAT's are always 1 point

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Q: What is the points for pats?
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Who will win today jets or pats?


Most points scored by NFL kicker in single season?

Through the 2009 season, that is 164 points (35 field goals and 59 points after touchdown) by Gary Anderson of the 1998 Minnesota Vikings. Jeff Wilkins of the 2003 St. Louis Rams is second with 163 points (39 FGs and 46 PATs) and Mark Moseley of the 1983 Washington Redskins is third with 161 points (33 FGs, 62 PATs).

What is the nickname of the New England Patriots?

The Pats.

When did Pats Acholonu die?

Pats Acholonu died in 2006.

When was Pats Acholonu born?

Pats Acholonu was born in 1936.

When was Regina Pats created?

Regina Pats was created in 1917.

Did the 2003 Ford Taurus come with Pats?

Yes it does come with Pats. I am having issues with pats right now. My car will not start.

Which packers player has the most points scored in Super Bowls?

Place kicker Don Chandler is the Packers' leading scorer in the Super Bowl with 20 points (4 FGs and 8 PATs).

Does pats tack have show pads?

try going to the website for "pats tack"

What player holds the record for the most points scored in the NFL game?

On November 28th, 1929 Ernie Nevers scored 40 points versus the Chicago Bears (6 tds 4 pats)

What two teams scored the most points in the first quarter of the super bowl?

pats 14 packers 10 superbowl 31 1997 by MUZ

What stores in KS carry love pats underpants?

Google 'love pats underpants'.

Where is the Location of the pats module in a 1998 mustang?

pats module 1997 mustang location?

How many pats in a tablespoon of butter?

2-4 pats, depending on the finesse of the pat maker.

Who was the kicker for The Steelers in 1995?

That was Norm Johnson. He scored 141 points that season, converting all 39 of his PATs and making 34 out of 41 field goals.

NFL stadium songs?

The Pats play Ac Dc thunderstruck after TDs and guns n roses Welcome to the jungle at certain points in the game.... if that helps?!

What was the nickname for the Patriots?


What rhymes with pats?


What was the nickname for Patroits?

The "Pats".

Who scored 40 points in an NFL game?

Ernie Nevers of the Chicago Cardinals.Nevers scored 40 points against the Chicago Bears in a game played November 28, 1929. He scored 6 TDs and kicked 4 PATs.

Does a 2005 Ford Taurus have a PATS key?

YES,YES, I am looking for a spare and it cost about $100 ,because of the pats

Why most cooking pats made in metal?

Cooking pats are made of metal as metal i a good conductor of heat .

How do you disable your securilock anti-theft system on 98 explorer?

look for the PATS (passive anti theft system) fuse, if its a shared circuit find the pats modules and take the + wire and cut and cap it Where is the PATS Module located? Again my question is where the PATS module located on vehicle

Who is postman pats actor?

the stig

Who did Morton Andersen play for in 2007?

Andersen was the kicker for the Atlanta Falcons in 2007. He made 25 of 28 field goals and 24 of 24 PATs for a total of 99 points.