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11 per side. not including the referee

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Q: How many players on an American football pitch?
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How many players to play in football?

For both American football and standard football (soccer) the standard amount of players allowed for each team on the field is 11. When players are limited in American football you will see 8 man football.

How many players are there in the German football team?

There are a total of 11 players on the pitch at one time.

How many players can there be in the back field in American football?


How many players do American football teams have?

Close to 100

How many players are on an American college football team?


How many football players are on the field at a time?

In American (gridiron) Football, there are twenty-two (22) players on the field; eleven (11) on each of two teams. In Arena Football, 8 players are on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball for a total of 16.

How many players on field football game?

soccer is 22 don't have a clue for American football

How many players are in a American football games?

5 billion and 2

How many goal keepers in a football team?


How many players are there in a football match?

There are eleven per side in American football and international football.

How many players are on the pitch in a game of English football?

11 on each team so 22.

How many people are there in a game of football?

there are 11 players on each team and there are 2 teams, this means that there are 22 players on the pitch as a whole