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Q: How many players can there be in the back field in American football?
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How many players are in a soccer team?

For adult soccer there are 11 players on the field, plus a number of substitutes as allowed by the competition you are playing in. Unlike American football once a player has been substituted he/she is not allowed back on the field. 23 1/2

What does a quarter back do in football?

he is in charge of running the offence on while on the field. the qb gets the ball to the other players

In football What is the penalty for jumping on another players back in an attempt to block a kick such as an extra point or field goal?


Altogether how many players and official are on the football field at once?

- There are 22 players on the field, 11 from each team. - There are 7 officials on the field (i). Referee (ii). Umpire (iii). Head linesman (iv). Line judge (v). Field judge (vi). Side judge (vii). Back judge. Source:

Who kicks the football in football?

In soccer: All players kick the ball. In Australian football, all players kick the ball. In the rugby codes, it is mostly the 'running players' (the 'backs', rather than forwards). Even then, among the backs, more often the Full back or the centres will kick for touch. __________________________________________ If you are talking about American Football, only the punter and field goal kickers kick the football (unless I am forgetting any...). Usually the punter "kicks off" to start the game, or after a score, or after halftime. The punter also "punts" the ball on 4th down if the team wants to punt, and the field goal kicker kicks field goals when the team wants to.

How many does a shotgun formation have?

In American Football: There are 11 people on the field (as always). There is one quarter back and sometimes one running back.

How many players is back breaker football?


How does football players have newton's law of motions?

the football players in front to go short disatnces and small players in the back to go long distances

What is second string in football?

The back up players or when you rotate players in and out they come in second.

How many people are on a football team without quarter back?

ten football players

In football what is the name the defensive line of players?

The back 4

Where are the field goal posts located on the field?

The field goal posts on an American football field are located at the back end line of the end zone, ten feet off the ground and extending straight up from there. Today, the support that holds the goal posts is usually several feet behind the end zone so players aren't impeded or in danger of running into them.

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