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7 can be rotated

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Q: How many players can come on from the bench in rugby union?
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How did rugby union and rugby league come to be?

Rugby came to be when William Webb Ellis picked up a soccer ball and ran with it at an England School (at Rugby school in Rugby, warwickshire, hence the name) therefore the rugby union world cup named after the founder William webb Ellis. Rugby league was formed from rugby union

The difference between rugby league and rugby union players?

rugby union have different levels of fitness as some of them are fast runners but not very strong where as some are strong but not very fast. in rugby league all the players are trained to be fast as it is a faster moving game and rugby league is more energetic and more exciting than rugby union _____________________________________________________________________ I believe the above is biased. Rugby Union ("Rugby") is really a team divided in 2, the forwards and the back and while Rugby League ("League") also has forwards and backs, the forwards play an altered role, being of less overall intensity as a group. Forwards in Rugby tend to be bigger and more powerful and agreed, often not as quick. League, a faster moving game? What planet did this answer come from? In League, every time a player is tacked, the game stops, wheras in Rugby, when a player is tacked he must released the ball and the play continues unstopped. Rarely does a League phase last more than 10-20 seconds before play stops, whereas a Rugby series of unstopped phases may last severeral minutes, requiring an extremely high level of fitness. In addition, Rugby has 2 extra players revolving arount the scrum (totalling 15 against Leagues 13). These players, Flankers or Breakaways are usually adept at 'pilfering' of extracting the ball from the opposing team during a ruck and maul.

How much players on a basketball team?

There are 15 players allowed active on a basketball team, 5 start, and others come off the bench

Why is there a number 23 on the rugby union subs bench?

This person is an extra player to play in the front row position. This player can only come on if all of the other front row players have been used and an injury occurs. The reason the 23rd man has been introduced is to prevent uncontested scrums, which occur when when too many front row player get injured as it is a very specialized position and if an unexperienced player had to play that position without proper training it could be very dangerous for the other front row players.

Where did rugby union come from?

Rugby was invented when William Webb Ellis picked up the soccer ball and ran into the goal. Information from own knowledge and

What does change on the fly mean in Hockey?

That means new players come on the ice and the ones that were on the ice go to the bench while the puck is still in play.

How come rugby people have to wear rugby boots?

Many players where soccer boots however, rugby "boots" have a higher ankle area to protect that area when rucking or be rucked over. The term "Rugby boot" actually refers to the earliest foot-ware which were in fact working boots. the studs were small studs which were used to reduce wear on the sole on the boot. These were worn by the players who came from industry especially heavy industry and coal mining.

does the power rack come with a bench or pedastal?

This rack does not come with a bench or pedestal,it has an outer and inner rack.

Where did the name shaun come from?

on the rugby field on the rugby field

Why do rugby players go around the field not staying at their positions?

well in attack they normally dont because the forwards have to come into the middle and the centers will come coser into the middle as well While in defence they all the teams have different setups of defence. its basically up to the coach and where he wants the players to be.

Will the fight between the NFL and the players union in March 2011 effect the upcoming season?

It definetely will. if the nfl and the players union don't come up with an agreement before the start of preseason football, there won't be any football at all next year.

How did the sport rugby get its name?

The "Webb Ellis Cup" is named after the person reputed to have started the concept of rugby. William Webb Ellis. However, the cup itself was not made specifically for the RWC winners, it was actually made for another sporting event and had not been used in some considerable time so the cup was renamed and taken on by the RWC Ltd who stage the event then renamed for use within the Rugby environment.