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well i think every house owns a Basketball hoop... so 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

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A Basketball hoop is round off $$$$$200

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Q: How many people own a basketball hoop?
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Who was the first basketball player to score in their own hoop?

Yao Ming

How do you make a ballsack?

you buy one at the store :) [Other Answer] You get a deflated ball and inflate it. Afterwards drop it into a hoop and you have made your very own basketball! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

If you throw a basketball in your own hoop does the other team get the point?

Yes... though usually it occurs during rebounding... as opposed to an intentional heave at the wrong basket.

Who is the important player in netball?

All the players are important in netball. The GK defends the ball from getting into the hoop and the GD helps defending as well as getting the ball away from the other team and down towards their own hoop. The C has to be wherever the ball is, trying to get it down to their own hoop with the help of the WD and WA. the GA and GS must get the ball into the hoop.

Can you pierce your own lip with a hoop ring?

yea, but it would look wierd, (depending on how big it is)

'Of Mice and Men' in Chapter 4 what does roll your own hoop mean?

It simply means 'get on your way'

How can one make their own hoop earrings?

One can make their own hoop earrings by purchasing some wire from a craft store, shaping it into a loop, and putting various beads and other decorations on it. Then attach an earring finding that you can find from local craft stores.

Which companies make hoops that are a suitable size for a mini basketball?

While there are many on-line tutorials on how to make your own mini basketball hoops, the best quality mini basketball hoops are made by the company SKLZ Pro.

Can own goals be scored in basketball?

Yes. This happens once in a while if the ball is accidentally tipped into the hoop while trying to rebound. Also, once in a while a player will forget which end of the court his team is defending and take a shot at his own team's basket. This happens fairly often with very young players who easily forget which end of the court they are on.

How many people in Australia own a game console?

how many people own a game console in australia

How do you play with a hula hoop?

There can be a great variety of hula hoop games for kids. For instance one person may hold a hula hoop with his arms extended to one sine and the other person should squeeze into it without touching the ring. In fact, you can create your own games. Use your imagination.

What basketball team does Kanye own?

He doesn't.