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Yes... though usually it occurs during rebounding... as opposed to an intentional heave at the wrong basket.

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Q: If you throw a basketball in your own hoop does the other team get the point?
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What is a basketball shot?

A shot in basketball is an attempt to throw the basketball into the hoop.

What are the baskets?

Baskets are the hoop in basketball. They are meant to be there to throw basketballs into. That is the only way to score a point.

How do you get a point in basketball?

You get a point by shooting the basketball into the hoop.

How far is the basketball hoop from the free throw line?

The free throw line is 15ft from the point of the floor directly below the backboard.

How far is the center of the hup from the free throw line in basketball?

I think you meant hoop and the hoop is 15 feet away from the free throw line in basketball.

What is it called when you get a basketball in the basketball hoop?

Field goal, bucket, or free throw.

Can you throw a ball up through a basketball hoop and score?


What are you doing when you throw the basketball toward the hoop?

Shooting, or taking a shot.

Why do you use a ball on basketball?

In basketball you try to throw the ball into the hoop(basket) so that is why you use a ball in basketball.

How many feet to the free throw line to the basketball hoop?

13 feet 9 inches from in back of the free throw line to the center of the hoop.

What is a free throw shot in basketball?

When someone gets hit in basketball a foul is called and if they are shooting the ball at the basket they get to shoot a free throw. A free throw is worth one point and they are shot without jumping from the line about 15 feet straight from the hoop.

What techniques are there in basketball?

First you throw the ball to one of your team-mates that are open. If they pass you the ball don't be afraid of the ball. If your near the hoop throw the ball into the hoop.

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