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Q: How many people makes up a NA-SCAR team?
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How many drivers of a Nascar team drive in the same race?

Depends on how many cars the team has, but one driver per team.

What NASCAR team is Chase Rice the jackman for?

Currently, Chase Rice is not a jackman for any Nascar team.

What NASCAR team does Chase Rice work for?

Chase Rice is currently not working for any Nascar team.

When did Roger Penske first field a Nascar team?

Roger Penske's Nascar debut was in 1972.

Where are the NASCAR engines built?

In team shops.

What team does Derrike Cope own in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series?

Currently, Derrike Cope doesn't own a Nascar Sprint Cup Series team.

Which team has the most wins in NASCAR?

Petty Enterprises

Does Tootsie Roll sponsor a Nascar team?

Yes it does!

How can you put a logo on a NASCAR racecar in 2009?

You probably have to contact NASCAR and the owner of whatever team you want to sponser.

Does NASCAR 06 work for a ps2?

yes in the game NASCAR 06: Total Team Control (Playstation 2)

How much money do Nascar Sprint Cup owners make?

That is a relative question. If you are a major owne, like Rausch ,you make a big heap of money. On the other hand, if you are a privateer, like Robby Gordon, you barely make enough to keep racing. Equality does not reign in NASCAR; capitalism does. Bottom line, NASCAR is a rich man's sport and the more money you have to sink into your team the better your results and the more money you make. That does not make big team owners evil, it makes them successful. It's the American way.

How many tires can a Nascar Sprint Cup Series team use during a race?

As many as they need to use. There is no limit in Sprint Cup.