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Q: How many kids does kobe and lebron have?
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Similarity of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant?

lebron James and Kobe Bryant are both human, they're boys, they have wives and kids, they can breathe, they are baskeball players and many more!!!

Is Kobe bertter then lebron?

Of course lebron can't touch Kobe

Who is the bas Kobe or lebron?


Who has the most awards Kobe or lebron?

Kobe because he has 42 while Lebron has 22

Who has the hottest wife lebron or Kobe?


Who is the fan favorite Kobe or lebron?


Is it all about Kobe Bryant HEY IT IS All about kobe bryant not lebron?

no its all about Lebron James

Kobe and lebron puppet commercial lyrics to house on fire?

lebron is better dan Kobe

Where is lebron and Kobe fom?

Lebron James is from Akron, Ohio. Kobe Bryant is from Honshu, Japan.

How many NBA championship titles does Lebron James own?

no kobe is better because kobe has 5 rings and lebron has 2 and kobe field goal percent is better than lebron

Who is famous Lebron James or Kobe Bryant?

Lebron beats Kobe in every category. You name it he got it. Championchip rings tell how good a team is not the player. 3 from shaq and 2 from gasol. Lebron has blocked Kobe,stuffed Kobe,and shot a game winner over him. NBA experts say he was better the Kobe even nba legends. Jerry West the guy that traded Kobe for an all star said lebron surpassed Kobe and he said if he were to make a team he would pick lebron first. LEBRON HAD A BETTER PERFORMANCE THEN KOBE IN MADISON SQUARE GARDEN KOBE 61 points 0 assists 3 rebounds LEBRON 52 points 11 assists 10 rebounds If Kobe was the best why does lebron have more mvp awards and all star mvp awards . Kobe has 7 years on lebron. Lebron 2 mvp awards and 2 all star awards Kobe 1 mvp award and 1 all star award. Lebron has a bigger body,faster, SO LEBRON IS BETTER THEN KOBE AFTER HIS CAREER IS DONE HELL BE THE BEST NBA PLAYER IN HISTORY

For your opinion whos better between Kobe Bryant and lebron James?

Man Lebron is way better than Kobe. Lebron can dribble, dunk, and shoot all over kobe.