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no kobe is better because kobe has 5 rings and lebron has 2 and kobe field goal percent is better than lebron

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1.He just beat the OKC Thunder in 5 games

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Q: How many NBA championship titles does Lebron James own?
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How many championships is LeBron James going to win?

LeBron James is going to win 4 to 5 championship rings when he retires

How many titles has Lebron James won?

1.He just beat the OKC Thunder in 5 games

How many Championship Titles has James Stewart won?

James is a six time AMA MX/SX Champion (as of 3/09).

How many rings Lebron James have?

As of now LeBron James has 1 championship ring from the 2012 NBA finals against OKC. Heat won 4-1 against OKC. The date LeBron won this ring was 6/21/12. CONGRATULATIONS Miami Heat! In my opinion this is going to be one of the many rings LeBron will earn.

How many trophies do lebron have?

2- a championship and a finals mvp

How many titles has Shaq won?

Shaq has won 4 championship titles

How many finals has LeBron James been to?

4 championships

How many championship titles did the celtics win?


How many kids have LEBron James?

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How many champions are there in Cleveland cavaliers with lebron James?

Zero. Lebron Left

How many division titles do the chargers have?

11 AFC West Titles and 1 AFC Championship

How many championships has lebron James won?

So far, LeBron James has won one NBA championship (in 2012).