How many goals did Mark hughes score?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Who cares he is a poor man's Sheringham and a bitter welsh man who hates liverpool because he only won 15% of the trophies he should of because he played with a young peter davenport and a young (but very intelligent, both by the way) mcclaire. He underachieved for the natural world beating talent that he should of commanded in his prime we (liverpool) had barnes Beardsley and Aldridge he wouldn't of been worthy of bench. But he should of been

the best in the world and I think he knows it and feels bitter that he never got the appreciation he should of. As a die hard liverpool fan of 37 years of age I have no problems admitting that he is a hero of mine I just honestly think he underachieved :-(

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Q: How many goals did Mark hughes score?
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