How many goals can you score in water polo?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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you can score as many goals you can within the time-frame of the game

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Q: How many goals can you score in water polo?
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How many seconds to attempt to score a goal water polo?


What are the points worth in water polo?

There are no points in water polo, the aim is to score goals as in football (or soccer)

What is the highest score in water polo?


Combien le score de water polo?

That would translate as: What is the water polo score? Of course, if you are looking for a number I would have to say 7.

Do water polo goalies score goals?

Usually they don't, however there have been games where a goalie has taken a full court shot and scored, however for the most part there main objective is to not allow any goals.

Water polo if a player pulls on the lane line going after the ball?

water polo is when the players work together to score and win the other team

Most goals scored by one person in a water polo game?


Is there any size difference between junior and senior water polo goals?


What is an example of a player switching from defense to offensive?

a Water Polo player intercepting a pass and throwing the ball to score a goal. -apex :)

In which sport will you find two teams defending goals of different sizes?

Ther answer is Water Polo. The goal at the deep end is smaller than the goal at the shallow end.

Most goals in a high school water polo game by one player?


How many points do you get when you score in the game polo?

LOL. you make me LOL