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Q: How many games have the clevelaned cavaliers in wom in 2001-02?
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How many games did the Cleveland Cavaliers win in the 2010 season?

In the 2010-11 season, the Cleveland Cavaliers had a 19-63 record.

How many games did the cavaliers win against the magics playoffs?


How many games did Cleveland cavaliers win in the 2006 playoffs?

they won 10 games in the playoffs

How many home games are in the Cleveland Cavaliers schedule?

Every NBA team, the Cleveland Cavaliers included, play a full schedule of 82 games each season. Of those 82, exactly 41 are at home, and 41 are away.

How many men on the cavaliers team?

How many players on the Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball team

How many men on the cavaliers teambasketball team?

How many players on the cleveland Cavaliers basketball team

How many championships do the cavaliers have?


How many championships were won by the cavaliers?


How many times did the cavaliers go to the NBA finals?

The Cavaliers have gone to the NBA finals twice (2007 and 2015) as of this writing.

How many playoffs did Cleveland Cavaliers play?


How many draft picks do cleveland cavaliers in 2013?


How many championchips have the Cleveland cavaliers won?

As of today, 0.