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How many players on the Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball team

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Q: How many men on the cavaliers teambasketball team?
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How many players on the Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball team

When was Virginia Cavaliers men's basketball created?

Virginia Cavaliers men's basketball was created in 1905.

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Eleven men on a team.

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11 for the men's

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on avg. there is at least 20 men on a lacrosse team in High School. On college and pro lacrosse teams there is about 55 men.

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each baseball team has a 40 man roster

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In one team of cricket there are 11 players in the team.

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The Cavaliers during the English Civil War were men on horse back. They supported King Charles. When they charged with their swords, they were no match for solders with guns.

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The US Men's team has never won the FIFA World Cup.

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9 men play at a time, 25 men on an MLB team. 3 outs per half inning, 6 outs per inning.

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10 - You have 5 men in a base of fire team and 5 in a heavy team or assault

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10 men on each team. 1 goalie 3 defensemen 3 middlefielders 3attackers

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There are 3 outs in an inning.

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A lighter explanation The team that is 'in' sends two men 'out'. They try to remain 'in' and score as many runs as possible until they are 'out'. The team that is 'out' sends eleven men 'out' to the field and try to get the two members of the team that is 'in', 'out'. When the team that is 'in' have had ten men called 'out' Then the team is 'out'. The team that was 'out' then becomes the team that is 'in' and they try to score more runs then the team that is now 'out'.

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15 for a union team plus subs 13 plus subs in a league team

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There can only be 13 scholarship players on a Division 1 team and 10 on a Division 2 team.

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52 men and 31 women

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13 :-)