How many games has vince young won?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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26 in 40 career starts.

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Q: How many games has vince young won?
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Will Kerry Collins replace vince young?

No the head coach decided that vince young is starting quarterback after he won 6 games and Kerry Collins had numerous losses

Who is Vince Young?

Vince Young is a professional football (NFL) player who won offensive rookie of the year in 2006.

Who won the Manning Award in 2005?

Vince Young

Why isn't Vince Young starting for the Tennessee Titans?

He became starter six games into the 2009 season; after starting 0-6 the Titans behind Young won eight of their last ten games.

Who was the quarterback for Texas when Texas won the national championship?

Vince Young

Who won the Maxwell Award in 2005?

2005 Vince Young Texas

What is Vince Young's won-lost record?

Presently 26-13. or MY F

Who won the 2005 BCS national championship?

Texas Longhorns and Vince Young beat USC 41-38

Who won the first quarter back SELECTED in the 2006 nfl draft?

Vince Young by the Tennessee Titans 3rd overall.

How many wins did Cy Young win in 1894?

Cy Young won 26 games and lost 21 in 1894 with a 3.94 ERA.

Was vince young better than colt mccoy in college?

vince young was a good quarterback but seriously colt mccoy was sooo good he should of wont the heisman its just colt mccoy had some bad days and messed up his stats a little bit i think he should of won the heisman he had two chances.but yes colt mccoy was better than vince young

How many times did Whitey Ford win the Cy Young Award?

Once in 1961, when he won 25 games.