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Q: How many games do NHL referees work each year?
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What is the salary of a nba referee?

The League pays the salaries of the referees who work games in the NFL. The NFL Officials Union and the NFL agreed to an 8 year contract in 2012. The deal, the longest ever between the league and union, was brokered after the Refs went on strike and refused to work games in the 2012 season.

How are ethics enforced in sport?

There are many ways ethics are enforced in sports. Most sports use referees and cameras, so that if a wrong is done it can be caught and rectified. It is a way to keep games fairly played. Ethics are also used in the manner that certain fair work policies must be in place for fair and equal treatment of each player in the sport.

Do men referee women's soccer games or do women mostly referee women's soccer games?

There are a lot more men refereeing women's soccer games than women because there are a lot more male referees. It's nice to get women involved and officiating at women's games. At men's games, too. But the number of male officials far outnumbers the number of female ones, and that's the difference. Officials are assigned games based on the skill level of the players and the skill (and experience) of the official. (As to skill, a 12-year old official is probably not going to be officiating at a college game, though there are some 12-year old officials who are better referees than some adults.) Those who assign referees, the Directors of Officials at tournaments or in school leagues, want skilled officials to work the games, and gender is not a qualifier.

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How much do college basketball referees make?

Rookie NBA refs start at $80,000 a year. Refs officiate 82 games a year in the regular season. As they gain seniority they gain raises in income with some of the top veteran refs making 300,00-400,000 a year. If they are selected to ref in the playoffs they make much more money each round that they officiate. But they have to work their way up the seniority ladder. For example, Violet Palmer has been an NBA ref for 10 years and the 2007 playoffs were her first time officiating in the playoffs.

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