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The American Football League (now known as the American Football Conference or AFC) is a conference in the National Football League which currently holds 16 teams.

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There are 32 teams in the NFL

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Q: How many football teams are in the American Conference of the NFL?
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How many teams play in each division of the American footaball conference and the national football conference?

Four teams per division

How many football teams in the east?


How many football teams are there in the national football league?

The league currently consists of 32 teams from American cities and regions, divided evenly into two conferences - the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC) - of four four-team divisions.

How many teams are ther in the NFL?

There are currently 32 teams in the NFL. They are divided into 8 divisions, 4 in the American Conference and 4 in the National Conference. The divisions in each conference are North, South, East, and West.

How many times has the 49 ers beat the Dallas cowboys in the super bowl?

The Cowboys and the 49ers can never play in the Super Bowl because they are both in the National Football Conference. The Super Bowl is between NFC teams and American Football Conference teams.

How many football in the NFL?

I'm assuming you meant to ask how many football teams are in the NFL. The answer is 32. There are two divisions: NFC (National Football Conference) and AFC (American Football Conference). Those are each divided into four subdivisions ( North, East, South, West). Within each subdivision are four teams. 4x4=16x2=32.

How many football teams play in the big ten conference?

There are more than 10 teams in the Big Ten conference For 2014 there is either 14 or 16 teams

How many American football teams were there in 1950?


How many mergers have the NFL had?

Two. The NFL merged with the All-American Football Conference in 1950 and the American Football League in 1970.

How many players do American football teams have?

Close to 100

How many times did the Cleveland Browns win the championshipin the AFL?

None. The Browns were never an American Football League team. They were in the National Football League when the merger occured in 1970. The Browns, along with the Baltimore Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers, joined the American Football Conference, which primarly consisted of the old AFL teams.

How many NHL teams make it into the playoffs?

16 - 8 teams from the Eastern Conference, 8 teams from the Western Conference