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I believe only one died from a football related injury. There were many to die due to other problems but during game play.

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Yes. There has been players that have had heart attacks in a match.

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626 people since 1920!

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Q: How many football players died playing college football?
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Has anyone died in a football game?

Numerous players have died. List can be found in Related Links.

Have any professional football players died in Iraq?

No, but Pat Tillman was killed in Afghanistan.

Why do soccer players die while playing soccer?

only a few football players have died while playing football most noticeably Antionio Puerta, although he did not die during the actual game - later in hospital. the cause is usually a answer your question they dont die from tackles or anything, haha

Why doesn't Quinnipiac have a football team?

because one of the founders sons died playing football

What does the GU stand for on football players jerseys?

Gene Upshaw. He died before the season started.

How many players have died while playing in a game in the NHL?

Only one person has ever died playing in the NHL and that is Bill Masterton.

How many people died from 1920 to 1940 playing football?

way too many

How many football players died from steroids?

lyle alzado is one of the football players who died from constant steroid use. he stated that he started in 1969 and never stopped usings the drug. he died in 1992 of brain cancer ANSWER-No football player has ever died from steroid use. Lyle Alzado wanted something to blame for his cancer and steroids was what he blamed. His own doctor said that steroids had nothing to do with it. I think lyle alzado started in 1968.

Is NFL player Ronald Fleming still playing football?

An injury ended Ronald Fleming's playing football early in his career. Ronald died in 2010 and ended up working in radio and for a local television station.

Why were Italy football players wearing black armbands in todays match?

In memory of Roberto Rosato who died today; a former Italian national team player.

Who was the latest football player to die?

a high school kid in north CAROLINA died on OCTOBER 5, 2012

What is the significance of the GU on football helmets?

It is for Gene Upshaw, a former player and president of the NFLPA. He is credited with doing a great deal for NFL players. He died earlier this year.