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No, but Pat Tillman was killed in Afghanistan.

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Q: Have any professional football players died in Iraq?
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How any football players died playing football?

Yes. There has been players that have had heart attacks in a match.

How many football players have died playing football?

...too many. :(

Who was the NFL football player that died of friendly fire in Iraq?

Pat Tillman

How many soccer players died on the football pitch?


Has anyone died in a football game?

Numerous players have died. List can be found in Related Links.

How many football players have died while playing?

In the NFL, only 4.

How many nfl players have died from injuries during football game?


How many football players died playing college football?

I believe only one died from a football related injury. There were many to die due to other problems but during game play.

What foot ball player died?

Please be more specific with your question. Many football players have died over the years.

What does the GU stand for on football players jerseys?

Gene Upshaw. He died before the season started.

How many Baseball players have died from steroids?

the answer is ZERO. No Professional baseball player has ever died from a steroid related illness or injury.

Football players that have died on the field?

Chuck Hughes of the Detroit Lions in 1971 died playing the Chicago Bears. He had a heart attack.

How many football players died from steroids?

lyle alzado is one of the football players who died from constant steroid use. he stated that he started in 1969 and never stopped usings the drug. he died in 1992 of brain cancer ANSWER-No football player has ever died from steroid use. Lyle Alzado wanted something to blame for his cancer and steroids was what he blamed. His own doctor said that steroids had nothing to do with it. I think lyle alzado started in 1968.

Has a professional hockey player ever been killed during a game?

No, not during a game, but players has died from injuries suffered on ice.

When did Faisal I of Iraq die?

Faisal I of Iraq died on 1933-09-08.

When did Ghazi of Iraq die?

Ghazi of Iraq died on 1939-04-04.

How many solders have died during the Iraq war?

4236, in Iraq. 645, in Afghanistan.

Have more troops died in Iraq then Vietnam?

Not even close. 58,000 US Soldiers alone died in Vietnam. 4,805 Coalition Soldiers died in Iraq.

How may people have died in Iraq?

To many

How were professional sports teams affected by world war 2?

Yes of course! The World Cup tournament stopped and all the wonderful players who were fit to play the tournament could not and as a result of the war some of them even died giving a bad name to football and other sports.

When did Faisal II of Iraq die?

Faisal II of Iraq died on 1958-07-14.

How many soldiers have died in Iraq?

According to, the number of soldiers who have died in Iraq between March 2003 to September 2009 is 4,262.

Has a soccer player ever died?

Loads of professional football players have died... I think you mean have any football players ever died while playing? The answer is yes, too many to mention. The two most recent professional footballers to die whilst playing (as of 17th June 2010) are Guran Tunjic of Mladost FC, he collapsed from a heart attack and actually received a yellow card as the referee thought he had dived, only to find out the real reason Tunjic collapsed. He died in May 2010 and Wilson Mene of Prek Pra Keila FC died 8th May 2010 after collapsing during a league match. Also, in March 2009, an Iraqi footballer was shot dead by a spectator as he was just about to score an equalising goal in the last minute.

How many soldiers from Puerto Rico have been killed in Iraq?

How many Panamanian died in the war of Iraq

How many people died in Iraq?

1 million