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Loads! Nobody knows the exact amount, but as a Leeds supporter myself Leeds fans are spread across the globe.

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there is 1 leeds fan in the world, nick.

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Q: How many fans support Leeds around the world?
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Which team in the npower championship has the loudest fans?

crystal palace have a very loud and good support away from home, also leeds are loud too

Which football team has the worst fans?

Liverpool ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Probably Millwall, whose fans are renowned for rioting, throwing missiles and pitch invading. Leeds can also be rather violent. Apologies for any Leeds/Millwall fans, I'm just stating a fact.

Do leeds have a bigger fan base than Aston villa?

During, the late 20th century and very early 21st century, Leeds United had a larger fan base than Aston Villa. Since Leeds United's decline, they have lost a small amount of fans, and due to the Aston Villa takeover, and Martin O'Neill, Aston Villa are starting to gain more fans, so the fan base is actually fairy equal at the minute, however if Leeds United stay in Legue One, the fans will get fed up and give up Leeds. Therefore, Aston Villa will have more fans

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Why are leeds united fans so amazing is it cos im 1?


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